Wednesday, May 22, 2019

recent adventures

Major and I have been exploring new and old trails, and having a (mostly) uneventful time doing so!

A recent trip to Auburn we took the same old 'barrel" trail (Tamaroo Bar), but took a detour along the lovely lower river trail. It only goes for a bit over a mile (unless you're riding an actual mountain goat), but parallels the river.
dangerous river this year—cold and fast
still weird, and cool

The only problem was Major thought any time we headed south-west we were going home. He was very adamant about it too! Towards home…zoom! We have not ridden home from here this year, nor do we do it often (it is 10+ miles), so I don't know why he got it in his head. His favorite "trail" of the day where he was trying to be his zoomiest…up the (maintenance only, no cars) concrete road (we try to stay on the side but there is not always shoulder). Sigh.

Major's favorite trail, I literally had to hold him back (yes, it is heading "towards" home)
dam trail

We went another direction over to Grass Valley. Empire Mine park is lovely, but there are only 14 miles of trails (per their website). We managed 15.4 miles, covering almost every trail (and some twice). I don't come here often because I get a bit bored, but Major really likes the wide open trails (even when a pair of barking, slobbering bloodhounds rushed a fence!).

nice and shady, and space to move out!
Powerline trail (cleared for the high power lines, the pines are otherwise as tall as the stanchions!)
Almost all the trails (And I rotate their map over my track because why is North pointing down on their map orientation? Weird)

Closer to home, the lake is really full, and snow is still at record levels in the mountains! They are releasing a lot of water daily from the dam, but it will be a long time before we ride that lower trail again. A few lupine have not been swamped, and their lovely flowers gather in some hidden pockets.

lower trail underwater
clear water in the "Belize" section of the lake. Perfect for snorkeling!

Major is unimpressed by heart rocks

And after every ride, just when you are tired and want to sit down, there is cleaning up Major, putting away tack and trailer, all the chores. But no matter what, don't forget to pet the cat.

Bonnie the cat. Must pet. Or else…


  1. Replies
    1. She does! And if you don't pet her she stands up like a meerkat and reaches our just one claw... Plus, she's a manx! An overall awesome barn cat.

  2. That cat is hilarious. I feel like I always leave you the same comment, but I cannot get over those views. The flowers are extra gorgeous.

    1. I feel the same about your posts! Separated by 2800 miles but still gorgeous scenery!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, we've been extra lucky with all the rain this year, extra green!