Monday, April 1, 2019

unicorns everywhere

I was looking for a set of measuring spoons and a small silicone spatula. Living a wild life, ya know. When the unicorns appeared.

There were fat and skinny.

is it a unicorn hippo? The middle one is a purse

Sparkly and actually "realistic."

pink AND sparkly

take an arabian and add a horn, voila!

Very stabby and pretty gentle..

tough unicorn

unicorn with a fake plant headache

Very bright and many pastels.

pink unicorn towel ready for the pool

little sparkly box

For unknown purposes and useful ones.

no idea what these are for, they were in the smelly candle section

mugs of all types. Caution: watch the horn while drinking!

But mainly I ask: why doesn't THIS one come sized for adults!?

rocking horse unicorn-pegasus, unipeg!


  1. You're a sci-fi geek, right? If so I have to recommend a book I read as a teenager. Part of a series of Battlestar Galactica novels.

    One of the episodes was based on a novel called The Young Lords and these people rode unicorns everywhere.

    Starbuck landed and was adopted by them on the show. In the book, however, he was adopted by a UNICORN who loved him. It is amazing and tragic, if you can imagine Starbuck with a Unicorn.

    I always thought a horse with a horn is an abomination. But after that book, and Narnia with its Centaurs....

    1. I've never read any Battlestar novels, sounds fun! I don't love just a horse with a horn, but a true unicorn, more like a deer or goat, and fierce, I like very much. And I love The Last Unicorn movie, bad songs and all!

  2. Oh my word, where were you shopping?!? That pink and sparkly! And the unicorn mugs!

    1. This was a Home Goods and Ross, just go looking, unicorns are everywhere!