Thursday, April 18, 2019

not pictured

the "cow pasture" view
Some rides get lots of pictures, some get almost none. Most are pretty similar: pretty scenery, Major's ears and/or face…yeah, that's about it!

entwined oaks
new trail improvements, now needed in about 400 other places!

Last ride, while admiring the view (again) but not stopping much, I thought about all the things I saw that day that were not pictured:

Pink redbud blooms covering the trail
Cooper's hawk flying on the path ahead of us
Major blowing bubbles in the water trough
Glancing down the dropoff to see a tiny hummingbird perched on a branch
Swooping sideways, a red-shouldered hawk catching a gust
Turkey footprints in the mud puddle
Blooming lupine under the water as the lake rises

watching people down at the lake

Those are what I remember after a ride, the basic view picture just reminds me of all those things.

From the sublime to the stupid: then I laughed and reminded myself of "not pictured" in the school yearbook. There are so many things Major could be: most likely to barge into the unknown, class clown, best piggy impersonation…does your horse have a class title?


  1. Your trails are so beautiful this year! OMG that yearbook is killing me. I think Val's title could be "Thinks he is all that"

  2. Oh, pick me!

    Mag: Most likely to snort at his own mash suspiciously. Every day.