Monday, April 8, 2019

monday moment: carrot table

All those carrots, for me?
No Major, you can have two.

Look, I get all these carrots!
You can have two Major.

This is the best day ever, I got all the carrots!
You had two Major, but sure, you had ALL the carrots.


  1. He's so gorgeous. It's like Christmas, all those carrots! Our gas station and local feed store sell huge sacks of livestock carrots, I think 20 kg for 5 bucks. Sadly I don't have enough animals for that many carrots and they start to rot before I'm through the sack. I guess if I just dumped a pile out there that wouldn't happen...

    1. He thought it was Christmas in April! The barn owner buys the big bag like you describe, but they do start to go squishy. So she dumped them on the table. He still only got two, but his eyes were so big over all those carrots!