Thursday, December 6, 2018


Major Trouble should be his name. Luckily it is mostly just petty theft, but seriously, I can't turn my back for an instant!

First he learned that the horse across the way has alfalfa stored in a plastic box. And Major figured out how to open it. Crime: Breaking and entering. (Luckily it was already damaged, though I'm sure he is not helping. I offered to buy a new one for Beau's owner, but she said just wait, it's fine for now!).
stealing while Beau looks on

But it is tasty! Not an excuse, lock him up (in his paddock!)

Now if I leave him alone for a second…like to clean his paddock (otherwise he supervises by tipping over the muck cart) he is back into that container. The other day it only had grass hay! But it was still delicious compared to the same grass hay that was in his paddock. sigh…

second offense

And that isn't the end of his crime spree. If I am distracted for a moment he steals property from other horses (he is very sneaky) and has also become a car thief.

stealing Swagger's bowl while he looks on

car thief steals same old grass ahy

Let's not mention the invasion of personal space.

what personal space?

But I'll accept the silliness (and allow the non-damaging kind) because he's MY hooligan!

P.S. There is still time if anyone wants to do the card exchange. Sadly, very few people want to send actual cards anymore! 

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  1. A gift exchange after Christmas would be great, if there is anything you'd like from Germany.