Monday, December 17, 2018

d.i.y.: animal-topped treat jars

This cute idea is already all over the internet, but I wanted to try it myself! It is nice and simple, with stuff already in the garage, only a trip to the dollar store for more animals was needed!

gather all the stuff

I gathered up some random small jars, plastic animals, sandpaper. random paint and good glue (I love E-6000, but I assume superglue or similar would work). I decided to sandpaper the whole top and the animal feet, which couldn't hurt and could help. Then I just used a tiny bit of glue of each foot and let them cure for 24 hours.

sanded and test-fit to jar lids

a little glue on each foot

Then outside to spray the lids and beasts! I used whatever spray paint I had in the garage. And it turns out that using the primer one first (with the black or gray) did make the metallic be more solid and look nicer, so I'd recommend that. Other than that it is just a light coat with dry time in between. It is tough to get underneath the stomach/between the legs, but my paint-coated fingers attest it is possible.

The gray primer was a great base (plus I had it leftover from painting a model Star Trek Enterprise)

first light coat

the messy middle process

Choosing a damp overcast day is not the best, as the paint took forever to dry and I am impatient. (I only dropped one still-wet top in the dirt, needing to be wiped off and repainted a little funky...). So the painted lids came inside a heated room (with the window open) to truly cure.

jars galore!

I am giving some jars to friends and some to family, some with horse treats and some with human treats! I am using the orange one (the paint didn't turn out as good, I should have used primer first) for my loose tea, and already have chosen a dinosaur on my desk for assorted paperclips, etc.

who wants one?

Do any prancing ponies catch your eye? Silver, black or copper? I'll draw a name from the comments on December 21 and send a treat-filled jar of their choice! It will be happy Solstice from Major!


  1. These are SO cute!!! I hadn't heard of this project before and am so very impressed. I love the look of the cooper/bronze/gold - so classy!

  2. They're all so pretty but I love the copper. M

  3. Hi Ho Silver! Those are SUPER cute. Any project with spray paint is a great project. (especially the glittery kind ❤️)

  4. Those came out great. I keep thinking I should do this myself.

  5. Those are so fun! I hadn't seen that idea before, and I love how they look.

  6. Thanks to those who commented. The random name picked chose....Liz! I'll get your contact info and send you a treat-filled golden goodness (after the holidays!)

    1. How exciting! Hope your holidays are bright. =)