Tuesday, November 20, 2018


There is nothing to write about that doesn’t seem trivial. Even just the sunlight, filtering yellow through the smoke, may be beautiful in its own right, but is just a result of the devastation. We cannot ride or hike from the smoke, but I am not complaining.
the smoke coats the valley more than 70 miles away

Imagine probably everyone you’ve ever met, and every single one of those people have lost their home. 11,000+ homes in northern California burned in the Camp Fire. I know that I don’t think I’ve met that many people in my lifetime. 
scary sunrise

Some people say “this is why we don’t live in fire zones.” And it is indeed terrifying: People fled without pets, important papers, phones, and some left their lives inside their burning cars. But in this new climate, the danger is increasing everywhere. And honestly, if it’s not fire, there is usually some other disaster that can befall you: hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms, rain events, terrorism, the list goes on. So use compassion instead of judgment.

I am more thankful than ever to have what I have, and to have given what I can to those in need. I hope you do the same this Thanksgiving. Celebrate with those around, give what you can, and as always, hug your horses. 


  1. Well said.

    And there is a bit of morbid beauty to the filtered sunlight in your first photo. 💗

    Thinking of y'all.

  2. It is in the news in Germany - but I had no idea the details you mentioned.

  3. I had a bizarre accident yesterday that resulted a trip to the medical center. My pity party was soon replaced with gratitude that my home/possessions/community/family haven't been incinerated, so really everything is pretty good.

    Also - I can't count the number of times someone has said or posted something to the effect of - well you just shouldn't live in a hurricane prone area - after we get demolished by a(nother) storm. Replace judgement with compassion indeed.

    Hope you and Major have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. Oh, I hope you are ok! Every injury and hurt (emotional or physical) are important to acknowledge, just with some perspective. Yes, your hurricane zone certainly applies. Happy thanksgiving to you and Val too.

    2. Should have added "minor" the description. A ladder collapsed, the occupant fell off and it surprisingly jetted out sideways and hit me in the face. Only a busted lip which was super glued back together lol.