Friday, November 9, 2018

racing daylight

Not wanting to waste a single minute before darkness descends, I've fit in some riding adventures on the weekends. After a season of riding, my backyard trails are a bit same-old. Not boring, but we needed a change of scenery.

anticipating (and furry, and a little fat!)

We first went to Cronan Ranch. While five (!) years ago it was the site of the dreaded parasail/pteradactyl attack, we're over it, and the autumn is great on the open roads (not so hot!). And on a gorgeous Saturday there was almost no one about! We encountered a hunter complete with crossbow, a single bike rider, and no horses (they're missing out). There is a new bridge (excellent, though a little loud) and new steep trail (super fun, will be better with a bit of use).

new bridge is nice but noisy

I can see my tiny trailer from here!

roads begging for a canter (we did!)

Major thinks we should really just stand in the water and play all day, but there was a trailer to get back to a few miles away! Even if we had to take the "connectEr" trail which annoys me every time.

American river fall view

I should get over the misspelling, but I can't!

Then we dragged along Friday and C for our next escapade. Empire Mine actually has some nice fall color (for this part of California), empty trails, and plenty of places to move out. And we did, my GPS showed a nice gallop of 21mph! Major and Friday were having a blast, they like the change of scenery (and pace) too!

fall leaves to frolic through

Friday tolerates his annoying friend Major

I'd love to ride during the week, but life and work have been too hectic. But Major showed me that he needs to get out more, and that weekend adventures are not enough. Major lost his leading privileges as we were hand-walking down the road yesterday. You don't get to be all prancy fancy-pants in front of me! He was not amused, and when we got back at the barn he ran around the arena, galloped up his hill to dinner, and pretty much behaved like nothing I'd want to ride!

wearing his sassy pants

But I'll try to get him out more before the rains come (if they come). He doesn't understand taking a break, and damn, his cute face is hard to ignore!

you try ignoring this face!

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