Wednesday, November 28, 2018


A winter storm, and many many firefighters, finally got the Camp Fire contained. Of course that is just the beginning of resettling 35,000+ evacuated people, rebuilding lives and homes. But for now I have done what I can, and needed to get out.

thankful for apple-blackberry crisp and pumpkin pie

The smoke was so bad there was no riding advised, and also the horses (and humans) need time to clear their lungs. I decided a non-strenuous walking ride was just the idea. After more than two weeks off. And cool, lovely fall weather.

Let's just say my decision did not go to plan. Major certainly had other ideas, and had been contained enough! I was trying to be chill and deal with it and just understand his frustration, but oh, it was trying times. We circled and backed up (many) hills. And so much for not breathing hard, he was snorting as we walked into the forest!

There was a moment when I almost just got off and walked him home. I have no issues walking home, (however then he is a kite on a string), but this time he managed to decide to contain himself and I managed to not leave him in the forest. So the ride was cut short after a tiny bit of good behavior, though I was sure Major was still frustrated, and I called that a success for that day.

green will be coming soon

But the next day he left his dinner and greeted me at the gate, wanting to go out. So no harm done, and now it in raining in earnest, muddying trails and frustrating horse and human. But there will be other days, and we are the fortunate ones.

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