Friday, September 22, 2017


a little lakeshore showing
The lake is shrinking (sorry, I couldn't help myself with the title. Anyone else thinking that I'm thinking? If someone doesn't know what I'm referencing, you must watch this clip from Seinfeld).

Ok, back to the shrinking… lake. On a recent evening ride I decided to explore down by the lakeshore. You have to be very careful down in these areas due to the hidden, sucking mud. But we explored, safely, and found a tiny bit of the lake trail open!

Major contemplating reflections

Just enough to give us a little hope. Major was so excited to be back on his favorite trails, and we even found a safe spot to go in the water. But he was more interested in taking in the view than drinking (and there were no frightened turtles), and then we had our hopes dashed as we turned the corner: logs and sticks and debris as far as we could see. How this will ever get cleared, and the trails accessible, I have no idea. The parks don't maintain these trails and there are so many miles of debris. It is more than a work crew could handle, large equipment would be needed!

our trail is under there somewhere

more debris in a different section

Major thought we could still race home. Over the logs. Sigh. We did not. We picked our way carefully over a short section, back onto the main trail, and headed home.

best way to watch a sunset

I let Major choose one of two trails home, and he picked the stabby starthistle one (not a particularly good choice. Yes, I could overrule him, but he really does learn and did not choose that trail the next time we went out).

We walked slowly along (The starthistle providing a little acupuncture to Major's legs), and movement out of the corner my eye caught my attention. Two bobcats were hunting in the field. They walked slowly away, but not too far, as we were not threatening. Bobcats are such secretive creatures, I rarely get a glimpse. But they just stood in the high grass, almost invisible, watching us pass. We walked on in silence. Moments later a tiny vole ran across the path in front of us, good hunting for bobcats!

golden fields
I started off with something silly, and ended up with something sublime. This is why I love trail riding: I never know what experiences I'll have. But if I'm quiet and paying attention, it might be something special.


  1. What a lovely place to ride; I'd be tempted to drive my tractor down there & clear out the trail just for my own enjoyment.

    1. Wish I had a tractor! But it's all state park land, and most is inaccessible except by boat. Believe me, enough of us ride these trails, we'll find a way...

  2. Letting the horses choose the path ... I do that also and sometimes wonder what are the reasons behind their 'decision' if we can call it a decision.

  3. Our reservoir is shrinking too. I'm just happy it ever filled at all this year.