Thursday, September 7, 2017

september night

The moon was too beautiful to ignore. Orange and yellow (from nearby fires) it sat like a beacon. And I promised to be out the next night.

7am: 82 degrees

The unrelenting heat has broken, for awhile at least. Last week there were 7:00am rides to escape the heat, now a 7:00pm ride to watch the moon rise.

8am: 90 degrees

cool lake view on a hot day

Heading out in the twilight is easiest, once on the trails it got darker and darker. The trail is cool and empty, the horses enjoying doing something different. By full dark we were at the lake, waiting for the moon to rise and reflect off the water.

We're doing what?

And we waited. And waited a bit more, while riding around, scaring wildlife. Note to self: if moonrise is at 8pm, and you are in any sort of mountainous region, wait a bit longer, we were in complete darkness until 8:30pm.

not the scary bridge.

almost the same place as the lake view on our hot ride!
But when the moon came up, it was awesome. I don't know what is better: the moon peaking over the hills, or through the trees, or reflecting off the lake or the clouds. With the moon out, it is possible to see a bit on open trail, but under tree cover, it is still shadowy darkness.

crummy photos better than none at all: moon reflecting
I saw plenty of dark trail, luckily Major could see all the trail ruts and we had a very surefooted ride. Major also saw monsters under the bridge! (Our only issue of the night, him balking at a bridge we've crossed hundreds of times, but this time there were the monsters of darkness waiting underneath. Good thing I got off to walk him across, they didn't eat me so he was safe).

moon, cloud and shadow
I love our trails in light. But in the cool darkness, with just that silver moonlight, it is like another place, some secret trails that only can be found by the lucky and bold. Go out and find them.


  1. Moonlight rides are my favorite -- and what a view you had!

    1. Thanks. I'm sad my camera doesn't capture it, but it was glorious!

  2. Full moon rides are my favorite, although the smoke is making both the sun and moon very dim. I will plan on a moonlit ride in October and think of you and Major as we go.

    1. We've had some smoky days, but a wind that day had thankfully cleared the air. So glad you go out on moonlight rides too, they're something special.