Friday, September 1, 2017

horse torment

There are always two perspectives to every ride, mine and Major's (and maybe if you have a friend along, even more!). I think a recent ride was pretty representative of our relationship:

I hooked up the trailer, as Major stands at the gate in anticipation.
Standing here, standing here, where are you!?

A friend is joining us, but her horse Beau has pulled off his shoe overnight. Luckily our barn staff is also a farrier, and is able to put it back on!
Still waiting, waiting…Beau you're so dumb, don't play in the fence I told you last night!

Love how Major just jumps into the open trailer!
Jump into the trailer, weee! 

Beau has never been in a straightload trailer, so it takes a bit of time for him to feel confident enough to stand inside. Major is standing nicely, so I open his back door so Beau can see it is safe, and Major stands with just the butt bar, waiting to go.
Why am I just waiting for this dumb new guy to load? Fine, I'm a good boy and will stand with my door open so dumb Beau can see it's not scary.

The drive up the mountain is easy, and it is much cooler and nicer up here.
Drive in the trailer box, boring.

I always love riding here!
Ooo, I remember, I love this place!

anticipation/let's go!

Beau is a bit anxious and ridiculous, so we just walk for awhile. Beau may have left his brain at home, so we'll be patient, I've been there!
Arggh more waiting. Why do I have to be the good boy? Can't we just go? Let's go!

twisty trails, watch out/go faster Beau!
the only sunny, hot place/He's not in front, let's go!

 Beau has settled in a bit, so we can trot out a bit. But we'll let him be in front, so he's not trying to race us and be silly on these twisty trails. Major can have crabby ears all he wants, as long as he behaves.
Wheee, trotting! Arghh, now following again, go faster Beau!

I love these shady trails/Now is our chance, go!

A nice, mostly uneventful ride, the best kind. I remember when Major was as bad as Beau, and we all have to start somewhere. At least Major has never had a problem settling in and eating!
Back at the trailer. Beau, stand still and don't forget eat, that's what you're supposed to do. There's alfalfa!

good boys/don't eat all my alfalfa Beau!

Beau has a lot to learn, but he'll get there. And they can learn to be friends.
Don't touch me Beau.

Be nice Major/Don't touch me!

We'll all go out again soon, it's nice to have company and help someone out!
Next time: leave Beau at home.


  1. I adore your horse. Thank you for the Friday evening laugh! <3

    1. thanks! He is so personable, if not always photogenic!

  2. I think Major and Ashke share the same philosophy on trails.