Friday, May 5, 2017


a full lake, wildflowers, what could be sour?
 The green grass is delicious. Even the flowers are sweet. And Major is sour.

He drags his feet towards to trailhead. Is he ok? Does he feel sick, feet hurt, saddle pain? Turn back towards home…ZOOM!

how to pose your horse when you want a picture of the wall: mouthful of wildflowers

In the last month there hasn't been much riding. After the cancellation of our planned 50, I stopped conditioning (not planning another ride till July). I was tired of dealing with mud, which is still abundant. A few easy rides (and mistakes), but I've mostly been taking him out hiking, trying to heal my own injured elbow.

Well, hikes are only two to four miles. And he gets to stop often and have a grass snack as I catch my breath up those big hills (that I appreciate even more now). Not much real work for Major.

Our last ride was turning into a battle of wills, the minute I'd stop nagging, he'd slow to a crawl. Not working for me. Constant nagging is not an option. So we turned for home.

Not to give up, or give in, but to control the battle. Trot home! Now away from home! Now down this side trail, home, away, repeat! Do what I ask, please, and not later, but now!

Up the hill. And repeat.
I don't know if I do things correctly. I do what works for me. This got Major focused on my requests, got some energy out, but also got me a horse who walked home on a loose rein. The big, steep hill we worked a couple times might have helped too…

why walking home safely is important: pavement
going home: roadside grape vines


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I use what works. We had a much better ride the next time.

  2. Sounds like a smart way to handle his sourness :)