Wednesday, April 26, 2017


A horse trailer is such a simple box. Yet how is it that the mess is exponential to the outside simplicity? Spring cleaning the trailer is a chore I don't really mind doing (the house is a whole other story!). Once a year, this time scraping off winter slime/crud, glued on horse mash glop, making sure all was in working order, but mostly the accumulation of crap. How much crap? Trailer cleaning by the numbers:
one simple trailer: exponential mess

5 leadropes

3 halters

3 unused bit/hackamore options (I've never tried my S-hack, I need more control than that, or my myler combination bit, both bought in a discount fit)

2 sets of reins

color coordinated excess

5 girths (fat and skinny options)

4 hay nets

fat, skinny, dressage, take your pick!

5 fly masks (all in need of repair)

3 pairs of used chaps

9 hoof picks. (Are you kidding me? Where do these things come from? Are they breeding in the darkness?!)

hoof pick orgy

8 buckets (4 large, 4 small)

2 feed pans

6 brushes

3 empty fly spray bottles

1 horse. One.

Plus I have an entire set of everything in the stable. And three total saddles, with five saddle pads. I did retire many hoofpicks to the garage storage, everything else I just organized. So clean, but still probably too much stuff. Anyone else with this problem? Sigh...


  1. Lol - I thought five hoof picks was bad...

    Just getting ready to re-organize my trailer and tack room. Trailer needs yearly scrubbing and then a shakedown cruise to see if hurricane Matthew floods trashed the bearings + suspension + electronics. I washed everything and sprayed with anti-corrosion juice right after, but have been avoiding the first ride moment of truth. My trailer doubles as Val's closet, so blanket sorting will be part of that job.

    Also - everything floated and therefore tipped over in the tack room. That included a jar of hoof oil with a broken top... I isolated the really bad cleaning jobs into large ziplocs for future consideration. The days of reckoning have arrived. *sigh*

    1. Oh, that sounds like way more work! Wish I was there, I'd totally help!

    2. I would ply you with adult beverages and tasty snacks for your assistance. Your organizational skills are apparent in those pictures.

      BTW - meant to ask what the orange things on your trailer hubs are?!

    3. Ha! I painted my trailer hubcaps orange, because white and silver is not very interesting! I also have orange wheel chocks. Even if I have too much stuff, at least it's color coordinated!

  2. We cleaned out the trailer a bit when we were redid the floor, but I sort of ignored the stuff that was hanging because it wasn't in the way. I really need to go through it all.

    1. Yeah, once a year I have to do it. But hanging stuff is so great. We can all have a "how many hoofpicks in your trailer" contest!

  3. Well then...I may have you beat!
    Mine WAS neat
    Til I took Persee for a ride in the trailer
    And returned with all the tack in a jumbled mess on the floor....
    8 weeks later...
    I blame it on the rain!

    1. Guess you better wait till Persee comes home to organize then...nothing like procrastination!

  4. I was "omg"-ing until I got to the saddest one of all - 3 empty fly spray bottles. It reminds me of the children's book Owl at Home where he is reciting a list of sad things so he can make tea out of his tears. Pencils too short to use. A spoon that has fallen behind the stove never to be seen again. 3 empty fly spray bottles *lol*

    I am impressed that you can keep all that stuff in there without fear of mold or moss growing.

    1. That sounds like a cute book! I have dehumidifying charcoal in the trailer. It also has a window I can keep open, and I air it out often. Also, even though we've had a crazy rainy winter, we have almost no humidity the rest of the year!

    2. Oh! I just looked up "Owl at Home"! It is by Alfred Lobel, who did the "Frog and Toad" series, which is my favorite!

  5. My landlord offered to let me "borrow some tack" if I needed it. I laughed and told him I have enough gear for at least ten horses. How many riding horses do I currently have? Zero.

  6. My name is Aarene and I have a tack problem...

    (Hi, Aarene)


    1. Hi, Aarene. Welcome to our excess group! (But is is color coordinated? I don't think it counts if it is color coordinated...)