Wednesday, May 10, 2017

conversations with major: my day

Hi Major, why are your face and legs all wet?
I was snorkeling!
In your trough? Is that why it was broken last week?
Um, no? 
Well, let's go out and play!
Or just eat grass?
But it's almost your birthday. Let's do something fun.
MY day! Oh Boy!
acceptable birthday hat

embarrassing birthday hat

Birthday hat time! Good thing I found it, a little flattened in the trailer.
Yeah…great. Look, I already have a hat.
That is grass on your head. It does not count. It's not so bad, just one photo.
Fine. But I won't smile.
Of course you wont.

So where do you want to go today?
The lake!
You always pick the lake.
The forest is around and about in the mud, not fun.
Well, you're kind-of right.
The lake is fun!
Well, it's a mess this year.
But I want to…
Ok, no whining, off to the lake we go.

mud under the green

NOT the lake, a dumb puddle

where is the trail?

stop taking pictures of orange flowers!

Are we there yet?
We have to get through the forest first.
There is still lots of mud.
Look, the lake.
THAT is not the lake. It is a puddle. It does not count.
But look at all the tadpoles! OK, go this way.
Where is the trail? I just see snacks.
Covered in clover, hopefully we can ride out here more before our trails disappear!
Stop taking flower pictures, the lake is over there! 
I see the lake!

sticks…but grass too!

splashy fun

water, a snack, this is the best day

The lake! Oh, and sticks. Yuck.
Yeah, there is a lot of debris this year. Let's find a safe place.
Here! Snacks!
Just a bit father is a clear space.
Splashing! Snorkeling! Oh yeah!
I'm glad you're happy.
I love this!
I know.

seriously, that's the trail?

Flowers are nice, dry trail is better

Ok, let's head back now.
The trail is underwater. I don't like it.
You were JUST in the lake.
Not the same.
But look at all the flowers!

Not. Funny.

We're home, and almost done for the day.
I see my mash.
It is soaking, now you have to as well.
I'm fine.
No, you need a bath.
This is not what I want for my birthday.
It's just more water.
Not FUN water. 
heading home to mash

it's got the good stuff

Mash time?
Yes, now it is mash time.
Oh boy, it has the extra yum!
Just some rice bran.
It's my favorite!
I know. It's your day.
I liked my day. Can I have my day tomorrow too?
Always Major. Always.