Wednesday, May 11, 2016

birthday boy

 Usually I torment love my horse by making him wear his birthday hat. But this year I kept it simple.
hiding from the hat
apples and carrot deliciousness

new boots!

can we go already?

Apples. Carrots. A clean saddle, new stirrup leathers and new hoof boots (oh wait, that's for me). Grass. A ride to the lake. Splashing! A stick! Birthday apple! Mash. Alfalfa.

last bite before we go, I promise

just splashing with my buddy

found a stick in the water!

stick! splashing with the stick! stick!

sadness and a broken stick

Major was just glad I didn't make him wear the hat. And that he got a very special apple from my friend C!

I bit the candle to turn it off. But I'm ok. The apple was yummy!

mash and special alfalfa dinner, oh boy!

Happy 13th birthday buddy. Here's to many more.


  1. Thirteen years ... great age, lot's of fun to come. I love the boots!

  2. Happy birthday Major! birthday buddy high five