Wednesday, December 23, 2015


The trails have some treacherous, muddy places. The wind was bitterly cold. When the sun disappeared behind a cloud, I thought why did I leave my warm jacket behind? The lake is low and now filled with muddy debris from the recent storms. Major tripped, caught himself, then spooked at something in the bushes. I stayed on, barely. 

Why do I ride?

Blue skies. Puffy clouds. A few moments of perfect trotting synchronicity with Major at 12mph. A jackrabbit ahead of us on trail. New shoots of green everywhere. Even a sunset that celebrated a little extra light. 

That's why. 


  1. I'm impressed. The footing is so bad on the trails right now locally I get sick to my stomach at the thought of riding. Glad to see you and major are getting out and enjoying the sunny break between storms!

    1. Only the shady forest was muddy. The lake sand trail was perfect!