Saturday, December 19, 2015

pony presents

It's the season for giving. I had way too much fun making some hanging decorations/ornaments for barn friends. I don't have a Christmas tree (more like a Festivus pole!), but I made one for myself, it hangs on my bulletin board, with Major's signature orange.

custom with our favorite colors

one for everyone, plus a few generics

I already bought myself Major some holiday gifts (Black Friday sales too good to pass up, nothing for me, all the horse, got to have priorities!)

Another Matrix pad. I really have liked the one I bought used, having a back-up will be great. Plus it is oh so soft and fluffy right now!
so fluffy! And clean! But not for long...

I don't usually fancy Major up much, but the mud is upon us (can't complain about the rain though). I do like to put some conditioner in his mane and tail, keeps them from becoming muddy, clumpy messes. I bought a new bottle of my favorite detangler, eZall Shine and Detangler, which smells so good, and a bottle lasts a few years at my rate of use!

 my new, cute ornament, with hair almost as bad as Major!
Hoping after the holidays to order a new no brow halter-bridle, so Major doesn't have to wear his hand-me-down one any longer.And can accent even more orange!

I did find one cute thing I didn't buy, they almost got it right! As my friend C noted: maybe for a trick rider!
yeah, it's the boots that are wrong...not...

Major is happiest with things like treats, apples, carrots, rice bran. Best is when you mix all those together! It's the simple things for him, which keeps it all in perspective.

yes, he's muddy. The other side was worse!


  1. Those ornaments are adorable!
    Also -please tell Major we tried his recipe last night. :D

    1. Thanks! And Major hopes that Val approves of the treats!

    2. Val loved the cookies. (disclaimer - he hasn't met a treat he didn't like ;D)

    3. Ha! Then Major and Val would get along quite well!