Monday, December 21, 2015

Solstice dawn

Dawn breaks heavy with gray clouds and rain on the shortest day of the year. It seems interminable, this darkness and damp. But cold and dark will slowly give way to warmth and light. Soon there will be more riding, more time outdoors. For now it is still time to stay by the fire, insulated from the rain and cold. And some extra hay, maybe an alfalfa treat, for muddy beasts. Happy Solstice. Stay warm and enjoy the gathering light my friends.


  1. I can feel the energy ebbing to it's lowest point, with the guttering of the last of the light. Stay safe and warm tonight. Light and love to you and your tomorrow. Blessings. - Karen and Ashke

  2. I did my best to follow your Majourly good recipe today with what I had. The donkey about took my hand off when I offered cookie#2. Wow. I'm giving some of them away tomorrow as a gift to a horsey friend, with the warning that I put a half a cup of molasses in, and a squirt of honey, and that's a lot of sugar.

    1. Well, glad Bellis approved! 1/2 cup molasses over 60 cookies isn't too much. I'm sure you could cut it down, and even try it with just applesauce, which is naturally sweetened!

  3. I love this post. Happy solstice!