Wednesday, September 2, 2015

rider error

Don't get cocky out there. Your horse WILL humble you.

Major has been so good, we go out a couple times a week, typically a longer ride, then a shorter jaunt, all fun. After a spring and summer of trail rides, he doesn't rush home as much, we can go at any speed, he stays in control and is good.

where is the lake?

So we headed out for a quick after-work ride. It was a little cloudy and humid, but not 100 degrees, so that is great! I was originally going to hike, but then I realized I had some time, tossed on the saddle, didn't worry about booting him, and headed out. Walking up the road he was being so good I never put the bit on my halter-bridle, just left the reins clipped to the halter, and we headed out into the forest and down to the lake.

such a desolate view, though I still love it

amazing clouds

We meandered about, walking, trotting, he listened to hands and seat no problem. Even just a verbal whoa got him to stop, even once we turned towards home. We had to bushwhack past fallen trees, over logs, then back on trail. Good boy! Trotting home, loose rein, no bit, this was great!

dead snag, home to woodpeckers

old amaryllis still bloom in hidden forest spots

Until it wasn't. Major decided, as we were nicely trotting along, that he had behaved enough! Let's just all of a sudden just take off, wheee! for home. He said "Fuck you" to my aids, voice commands, etc. He was tearing down the trail, branches whipping by, I leaned forward and grabbed his halter and turned him (since reins, even one rein stop, was to no effect in the halter). We stopped amongst branches, heart in my throat, him prancing like an idiot.

Crisis averted. And that was REALLY stupid rider error. I KNOW this horse, he is not that good. I want him to be that good, but without lots of additional training, he is not. He is hot and forward and shouldn't be trusted in just a halter out on the trail. His mellow nature when not being ridden just overcomes my rational thinking. Out on the trail the bit went in, and we worked over that area until Major could walk nicely all the way home.

Lesson learned. Which I'll probably forget, as I can certainly reference some other posts on this blog where I have made stupid decisions with my horse. We forget, as that is in our nature. But for now, lesson learned.

Oh, I CAN walk nicely! I forgot...


  1. This made me laugh, because it would so be me. I think "oh, I can use a lighter bit" or "I don't need to warm up as long as normal" or "we've been riding in the indoor for a year now, he should be used to it". And then Ashke says "FU, dumbass! Look at me act like I'm four and under saddle for the first time."

    They lull you into complacency.

    1. thanks, I had hoped their would be others to commiserate with!

  2. Yup, Cartman got so snotty when his buddy got in front on our last quick after work ride, that I had to turn him back and make him go away from her. Felt like I was on a keg of dynamite- not a good feeling either!

  3. Oh Lordy I'm glad that ended well! Farley is a horse that usually rewards my poor decisions but I'm trying to kick myself of that habit for MerryLegs sake. Also practicing not taking chances with Farley attached to the cart. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. reminds me of when I thought I could start a ride on ole Blazer in a hackamore...hahahaha. Also when I thought I could finish same ride (different year, Cache Creek) in a halter on my mare when it had taken us 12 hours in the heat...nooppe she hauled ass merrily to the finish ignoring me. We survive despite ourselves, eh!