Wednesday, September 16, 2015


The first drops hit my windshield on the way to the barn. Rain was coming. It felt like all of nature held her breath to see if this was the real thing. 

I saddled up while a few drops made it through the oak canopy above. 

Down the lane the drops were few and far between. Was this rain fading already?

But raindrops continued to dot the dust as we walked through open spaces in the forest. 

Trees breathed a sigh of relief as months of dust were washed from their leaves. Even Major (also known as he-who-melts-in-the-rain) didn't seem to mind the drops splashing his face, dotting his neck, sparkling in his mane. 

The air already smelled less of smoke and dust, and instead of that damp cry for greenness found only in a forest desperate for moisture. 

The drizzle continued, and we crossed the road smelling of warm, wet asphalt. 
The raindrops were enough to finally stop causing tiny puffs in the dust, and instead to wet the surface, small drops giving way to general damp. The trees spilled heavy, fat drops onto my helmet, my saddle, down my neck. 

I unsaddled and found a fresh apple for Major, added a little alfalfa to his grass ration, and just stood in the rain. A little wet. A lot grateful. 

Is this early rain a harbinger of more storms, a predicted El NiƱo, a minuscule dent in a huge drought?

We can only breathe that after-rain smell and hope for more. 


  1. Beautiful, beautiful post. I hope this is a sign of more rain to come for you guys!

  2. I sure hope this is a sign of the rain to come. Enough to quench the thirst, but in soft, gentle amounts to keep from adding additional damage to your already fragile ecosystem.

    1. It didn't rain long, and by morning was dry again. But hopefully. And you are so right on moderate rain, I fear that any real downpours will just wash so much dust and loose dirt and destroy a lot more.

  3. Glorious rain!!!!! It feels amazing to the pore and core. We had a great bout of it last week too