Thursday, September 24, 2015

days of confusion

The days around here don't know to be summer or fall, the calendar might change, but the days blend into one another. Then fall retreats and summer surges back, 95 degrees while autumn leaves begin to show their colors.
golden trail

So some water beckoned. Major just loves playing the the lake, but it hasn't been safe, as the water is too far down and the mucky, sinky bottom is exposed. So upstream a bit, where the river runs over rock safely, was our destination. I started a bit later than usual, but it wasn't too hot yet, though I still trotted those sunny parts of the trail, and slowed in the shade!

Major knew our destination, and veered off the trail so he could attempt to plow down the hill like some horse from "Man from Snowy River." No, not gonna happen! Though I'm glad he is so happy to be out here! We negotiated the rocky slope from a less-steep angle, then charged into the water. Silly horse.

water horse


We wandered about the water, some shallow, the deepest no higher than his knees. He played snorkeling (most fun when facing into the current and blowing bubbles) and I just enjoyed him being happy.
bad hair day

After about 15 minutes,  I put a little leg on, saying, "OK, time to go home." And he dropped his head and snorkeled some more. Every time. Cracked me up, so I had to take a video…and almost dropped my phone in the water! Now it was really time to go home.

The shady trail was welcome, the autumn leaves overhead an odd juxtaposition to the hot weather, and Major was happy enough to actually walk portions of the trail home. He gave the stink-eye to the muscle car parked just off the trail "You might have more horsepower, but I'm the original off-road vehicle."

orange muscle car not as cool as Major

What an awesome summer, seen from the back of my horse. Welcome fall.

up the hill, lake (pond) in the distance

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  1. We have the same kind of weather maybe all in all some degrees colder. But autumn shows his beautiful face. The orange muscle car between his ears, so great, especially orange - your colour!