Friday, January 16, 2015

the wrong ears

chestnut and tiny, the wrong ears!
These are the wrong ears! My friend E went out of town, and wanted her horse to get out. I somehow volunteered. A few years ago riding an unknown horse would have never been something I would try, but I've been on the trail with this silly little thing, and figured why not?!

what's in here? I could probably climb in!
Tux is tiny, maybe a bit over 14 hands, I felt like a giant. His ears are so close! But we walked down the road, he was happy to be out, though we had a few discussions (Yes, you have to stand still while I mount. I don't care what your mother lets you do.) He is smart, and figures things out pretty quickly.

After spooking at the white cat of death and weird new trailer construction stuff, we headed off into the forest, bouncing along. I had to get used to his much more vertical trot, but then we motored along, up and down, having fun. (Yes, we can canter here. Ah ah, don't even toss your pretty little head at me!) He is much more rateable than Major! (Yes, you can slow down over these rocks.) But also more reactive, and he almost succeeding in dumping me over a terrifying branch laying on the trail. (Yes, I'm now going to make you walk over the scary thing. Because you're an idiot.)

skeptical ears wonder what I am asking

survived, but sweaty
He was unsuccessful at leaving me behind, and we emerged from the forest through the big puddle (yes, you have to walk right through the middle, because I say so) and got home before dinner. But he did get to stop for a snack. Maybe he doesn't think I'm so bad after all.

so delicious!
you're not so bad...have any more treats?


  1. Nice outfit, except for the reins: ) I see he has my bridle, in black, the new stainless "SS" model with the useless little side squares that you can barely clip anything to, and they let the noseband drop at an ugly angle when the horse is on the vertical. Was the browband extremely large on him too? I love the padding, and I love the stainless, but it could be improved.

    1. The halter fits him nicely, maybe his forehead is bigger? That's his plain set, he has blue and green endurance bridles!

  2. He's a cutie! That was very cool for you to get him out for your friend.

  3. What a cute boy.. its always good to ride other horses.. atleast once in a while..
    and..what did Major think about this???