Friday, January 23, 2015

in a fog

 The fog comes on little cat feet.
stable kitty Bonnie's new trick: stand up to be petted

I kept hoping it would clear. I waited till almost noon. The drive to the stable had little visibility.

yes, I safely stopped to take this photo. The nice thing about almost deserted country roads.

And out on the trail it wasn't much better.

a tiny sun tries to peek through the gloom

Usually the fog does not work its insidious way this far north into the valley. It is wet and cold and just gets into your bones. So what better way to stay warm than to trot.

which path to take
the road less traveled
not all is pretty: mud pit
Major took that idea and ran with it (literally). It had been awhile since we'd been able to go out at a quicker pace, and he took full advantage. I admit I didn't mind either. Down at the lake the usually submerged remains of old building foundations and rocks stood witness.

eerie lake
old foundations, and much older rocks!

During the ride I did not see the sun. Or anyone else on the trails. It was cold and damp…and a little bit magic.


  1. fog or not.. and you still havemagical looking trails! Love it! I especially like the one that says "which path to take"..
    Riding in fog is eerie and surreal I think. Everything sounds different. I kinda like it! But then , I like riding in the rain too!..( as long as it's not a down pour)

  2. We've been having the damp fog too! It's very surreal because if I close my eyes, by feel, I'm back home in Mendocino , then I open them and I'm home in the foothills.

    Really moving out once in a while sooths the soul, doesn't it.