Monday, January 12, 2015

before and after

Before the ride: I'm still asleep Mom, why is it so early?
The best way to try something new is to just jump in…with all four feet. Major got a present from Santa for being not-too-naughty (notice: not "good." I think Santa is slacking...): four new boots. Today we tried them out in glorious 60 degree weather (sorry for everyone who is freezing out there. Maybe these pictures can warm you a bit...)

a quick snack of luscious new grass

always love a good trail challenge: tractor, tarp and pipes, oh my!

I met my friend C and her adorable Connemara/Arab at the staging area. The day did not start out well when C's phone fell in the outhouse pit! No hope getting that back, might as well ride.

The trails are barely damp since we've still had no more rain. But the horses were fresh, the air clear, and the trails surprisingly empty. The lake was still as glass, and the sky dotted with clouds.

even in drought there is beauty...
I enjoyed the views and the ride too much to stop and take many pictures. The Pioneer Express trail (named because it was most direct route from Sacramento to the American River gold fields) is simply special: technically difficult with lots of rocky footing, then some lovely dirt areas perfect for higher speeds, a few small streams to cross, and always the views.

15 miles later we were back, Major was seemingly just warming up, with all four boots still firmly attached. I then took the time to sponge him off, hose his legs, wipe his sweaty face...and watch him roll it all dirty again in the muddiest place in the pasture. That's the after picture I should have taken!

After: Let's do that again! With kitty photobomber


  1. Sounds like agood ride! So glad your boots performed well. I've been loving mine.

  2. So glad to see there is somewhere in the world not covered in mud and green slime :) Nice boots.

  3. That cat is beautiful, and so self-assured. I like that you tie to a tree in your grooming area. Wish I could work my horse into a sweat but she never really exerts herself.