Friday, July 18, 2014

trivial pursuit

Sometimes the world is just too much to bear. Atrocities, conflicts, disasters I have no control over still feel overwhelming. Balancing the need to know with my need for sanity. 

This morning I had to decide. Turn off the radio. Step away from the NPR. Stop the phone updates. Go ride your horse. This isn't ostrich head in the sand ignoring, it's survival. 

He nickers when I walk up. His biggest concern? Did I bring alfalfa?

Into the forest and through the woods, like the song. Then to the drought stricken lake. Ok, some concerns just happen to be in my backyard. Damn. 

But the trail is sandy. The way is known. I spend the ride attempting to find the brake pedal on my slightly out-of-control horse. But it is a good thing. Blue skies, slight breeze, breathe deep. Simple, a world apart. 

I searched but my lost boot did not emerge from it's watery grave. The mucky depths maintained their hold. But all is not lost. A good day, a good horse, a good ride. Trivial in the world order, but for today, it works. 


  1. Mental health rides are essential! Glad you could enjoy one.

    Also, Major's fly mask decoration is cute :)

    1. Gotta get my crafty on, loving the puffy paint.

  2. I've been coming to the same conclusion about ostrich-izing.

    Ever since 9.11 - I had family members working in the vicinity of the towers - I've been sort of obsessed about keeping up with world events, but that seems ultimately to create stress rather than relieve it.

    Did Major have his question ears on in that stick teepee picture lol?

    1. Agreed. But if I totally ignore the news I feel like I should care more (plus my job requires quite a bit of staying up to date.) Balance is just hard to find.

      The teepee was cool. A little wren was playing in it. Major actually wanted to go closer and probably would have knocked it over in his curiosity, so I kept him back.