Friday, July 25, 2014

detour: Sierra Buttes

While I wouldn't like to repeat the tribulations with Major over the last few months, is has allowed me to have a bit more balance in my life. Instead of the summer being training for a ride, then going to a ride, recovering from a ride and repeat, I've been able to go on some pretty nice adventures.

My most recent detour took me to the Sierra Buttes. A very small mountain range tucked into the Sierra's (not sure if they are technically separate or geographically the same), it's the same elevation and similar to the Loney Meadows area, where I did some fun horse camping last year.

It is lovely, I cannot capture the scale of a mountain, with some snow still holding on, towering over a lake with sheer cliffs plummeting into the blue. Or a sweep of pine trees giving way to crumbling black rock, while the green stream meanders below and orange lilies glow in twilight. Really, I will let the photos tell the story, though they only capture a tiny portion.

verdant and rocky, juxtaposition in the Sierra Buttes

where are we going? I don't care, just go

bridge over the lovely Milton Creek

just looking up

visited by an alien life form

love this flower, soft and pretty: pussyfoot

a small sentinel stands alone, just beginning

large sentinel is done with living
hidden spots in the shade: leopard lily

sparkly morning creek
Salmon lake, with tiny islands

a trail view of Salmon lake

the trail was just a bit rocky...

a dragon trapped in a tree (see it?)

creeping phlox fades from pink to white
deer lake, a good place to rest
resting with a gorgeous view

blue butterfly gets minerals from mud

poser: orange frittillary

exploring columnar basalt

Sardine lake, a popular place

upper Sardine Lake and the Sierra Buttes, with rock stack feeling very small

wood embracing stone
another short hike on the iconic trail

Loves falls, name-sake heart-shaped rock beneath
just ducky: merganser family

on the way home, a cool respite in the Yuba River

I just swim and read, someone else (my SO) is more dedicated

A restful trip, I'd like to have more time. It was truly nice to not worry about the horse, I haven't done much camping without him in the last few years! But I miss that too. Too much fun stuff, not enough time. Just finding some balance.


  1. These photos are truly incredible! What gorgeous trails. Thank you for sharing! (And I did see the dragon in the tree! :) )

  2. So pretty! Your mountain photos *never* get old.

    I'm actually really looking forward to taking toddler-baby camping in a couple years. I want him to see places like that, even if he gets tired and I have to backpack him out. :)

  3. Great photos! As much as I love my life immersed in horses I hear you on enjoying taking trips without them sometimes--and that goes for the (6) dogs, too!

  4. I feel like I make the same comment all the time on your blog, but I truly enjoy your pictures:)