Friday, December 27, 2013

so that's what it takes

After a good holiday, I needed a good ride. I also needed to get Major under control, he's just been hot, hot, hot lately. Luckily he isn't naughty under saddle, just fast. But I've had to explain we don't need to be at speed all the time!

So we headed out alone, where it's easier to deal with silliness. And we trotted, and trotted, and cantered, over everything as long as he behaved himself. When he didn't we circled and backed and life was miserable. So be good=move out like you want. Be naughty=do not fun work until you listen.

It took about 10 miles. Then he started thinking maybe all trotting wasn't so fun. But still we kept going. Soon I had speed, but within limits, on a loose rein.

A few setbacks for the next couple miles, but then we walked home nicely. Of course, maybe it's only because he was tired. But maybe in there a hint of learning/remembering occurred. Maybe, hope springs eternal.


  1. Feels good when you get his brain back, doesn't it? :)

    1. I'll just see how long it lasts! And hopefully it'll start taking less miles!