Tuesday, December 31, 2013

(not a) year in review

I admire all the bloggers with their lovely year end reviews. It's great to remember what everyone did, see accomplishments and setbacks, click back on old posts for forgotten adventures. I'm sorry, but I am totally not organized enough to go back through life and posts and write something. My year had ups and downs, I don't look back much, but hopefully learned from mistakes. Maybe I could hire one of the organized people to write it for me...

And I'm also not a resolution person. Or a goal person. So there won't be one of those posts.

Wow, how fun am I, huh?

But I do have ideas and plans, just not the type that have dates and deadlines applied yet. I want to do a couple endurance rides, maybe try for back-to-back 50s. I want to go horse camping at the ocean. But what do I really want to do? Ride my horse and enjoy the view. Honestly, it's that simple for me. Probably isn't as interesting to read about, so I'll hopefully try to spice it up with pretty pictures along the way.

So I spent the last day of the year riding casual trails with Major, who was completely annoyed with me as I made him walk up hills and not chase the mountain bikers I let go by. It was gloriously sunny and I rode in a tshirt. The last day of the year. Crazy.

Tonight I'll watch hobbits ride ponies at the movies, then the ball drop while sipping milkshakes. I'm a bit hobbit-like myself, enjoying the quiet life with just a few adventures here and there.

Happy New Year and happy trails for 2014.

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