Sunday, October 6, 2013

oregon escape

I needed to get lost for awhile. To escape the busy summer, general life craziness and find some quiet.

The Oregon coast was just perfect. Miles of beaches to explore, hiking on headlands, exploring forests and lighthouses. The SO and I just wandered. No plans, no checking back on our "real" life (OK, I had the petsitter text me pictures of Major and Thomas the cat, we did go to every brewery we drove by, and took one one Sunday night to watch an awesome football game!). I'm trying to keep that peace in my life, continuing the quiet, so here is a picture-heavy post of our adventures.

I love the patchwork fields as we leave Sacramento

and straight to the coast, where mundane bridges are even lovely

the fog and rain added waterfalls into the sea

Cape Perpetua, but no distant view today

fog shrouded trails

hidden mushroom treasures

a decorated forest giant

natural coastal sentries stand guard

and the human sentries guide the ships

low tide and odd rocks
cormorants warm wings

restful seals

an interested octopus at the newport aquarium

mysterious paths require following

Horse-drawn coaches once took the beach road at low tide here at Hug beach
ocean denizens exposed at an extreme low tide

beach reflection (worth it to click and view it larger)

the view of Newport harbor from the Rogue brewery

can't miss these signs everywhere

back in Portland, the rose city

I didn't know Grace, but I love her memorial plaque in the rose garden

can't leave Portland without a treat

Mine is creme filled, the other is (yuck!) maple bacon (he said it was good!)

one last stop at my Portland mecca: Powell's books

The Oregon coast was great place to explore, though I think that about just about everywhere. Always something, large or small, mountains or mushrooms. I took a long trip, but know that I can find this, even in my own backyard. Sometimes it just takes more searching.


  1. way better than the insect post, i'm unable to go there again: ) someone again this week asked me, "oh you're from seattle - that's in oregon right?": ) actually that's a pretty educated person to link those: ) most people think i am from "where obama lives". i love oregon. i would be happy to live there, despite being so loyal to my city. i do like to pump my own gas though. glad you got the time to enjoy it. you're an awesome photographer.

    1. ha! Where Obama lives! Well, Washington/Washington, I know nothing about any other countries geography, so I can't laugh too hard. I don't think I could live there, too wet for me, but lovely to visit. And the gas thing was strange, I too like pumping my own gas for some strange reason!

  2. Great photos! Looks restful and beautiful. I did my first year of college in Salem and always loved when my cousin picked me up and took me up to ride her horse and go to Powell's books :)

    1. riding horses and Powell's books, now THAT would be a perfect day!

  3. Nice that you were able to get away...I did the same-haven't posted yet...away alone to the eastern sierra's with one of my dogs. I would rather not be alone-but that is how life is now. Oregon is so fabulous, my nephew lives in Portland. I agree...fog and dampness on the coast is TOO much for full time living. Loved your pictures...and uh...bacon on a doughnut...Ok...I feel a heart attack coming on...that is going TOO FAR!!!! ha ha

  4. Such gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing!

  5. You're awesome. Great pics!

    The rocks offshore from the beach make me think of Goonies, of course :)

    1. OMG! I think we're too alike! When I got home I had to watch Goonies again! I had to look up the filming locations and everything!

  6. Those patchwork fields are incredible.