Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Major's flymask had seen better days. I washed it really good, and let him out to play in the arena while I stood at the top if his pasture and fixed the sad little holes. But Major wondered where I was, and I looked up to see him thundering up the hill.

what'cha doin?

Can I see?! Feed me something!
It's still fly season for awhile, at least until the first hard freeze. I'm trying to make the mask last, and it has, for two seasons. Of course they changed the design of the mask, so the new design I bought this year doesn't fit as well. He is pretty good to fly masks, though horses in adjacent pastures have needed sturdy masks, Major is adept at pulling them off. I do feel guilty finding flymasks on his side of the fence. 

When I was done fixing the mask I walked to the bottom of the pasture, out the gate, into the arena, and whistled for him to come. The same horse that five minutes before had wondered exactly what I was doing and had run to investigate instead stood at the top of the pasture, thinking we should go out THAT gate as he had already made the trip up there.

Major says: I can't possibly walk all the way down there

So I just relaxed in the arena

So I waited down in the arena, taking in the nice fall air. I was laughing at the situation, that it had turned into a who is more stubborn, contest of wills. I can wait. Let's see if Major can. Occasionally I'd glance back up at my stubborn horse. Who was creeping closer.

sneakily getting closer

And closer

I made the huge trek!

Finally down in the arena, he went nonchalantly to eat grass on the opposite side. Still playing the game. So I walked to the "good" out gate (that leads to the road and freedom to eat) and waited some more. I didn't have to wait long.

oh my, don't leave without me!

Later he wore his spiffy fixed up mask and got an apple. Stubborn round 1: won by me.

Pay no attention to my pitiful forelock. Got cookies?

A few days later: revenge is sweet.

ground in dirt and more holes


  1. Did you find Friday's fly mask on Major's side of the fence, because he's missing his!

    1. Ha, see! I didn't see it, but I'll look over there more carefully! We need more super velcro

  2. Nevermind. Found it hanging in a tree!

  3. I love the bling on the mask! I just wrote "Funder + Dixie 4eva" on the velcro of mine but now I want to go at it with a paint pen. She removes it as soon as I turn my back, so it'll stay clean forever.... ;)

    1. Puffy paint pen is the best! Once I got it, I became obsessed, "What else can I write on! It needs a star!"

  4. Hahaha. The mask looked so good, too!