Wednesday, September 18, 2013


It was a quiet day, though the morning started with a lurking visitor to my hummingbird feeder.

i could hear the hummingbirds yelling (squeakily) at the invaded feeder

A pretty big mantis can actually take down a hummingbird (yes, it's true, not a crazy snopes story), so I'm not sure what this guy's intentions were, but he got moved to a nearby rose bush.

But later Major and I went and took a relaxing walk around the neighborhood. We've had some nice bareback forest jaunts, and little rides, but still taking it easy with no plans this year. So we had a really exciting walk:

Finding a nice bunch of grass to eat.

just take the whole weed with you

Major likes to check out the better addresses.

this place looks good, let's move here

And find a nice tasting moss rock.

mmm, moss

Playing with buddy Cisco.

it's all fun and games till someone loses a fly mask

Then back home to a tiny flake of crack (alfalfa). But beware, someone else is lurking and  watching, biding his time, ready to take down larger prey.

lurking below

creeping above

I see my next prey, just give me time...


  1. I love mantids! And I love hearing about you and Major hanging out together :)

  2. I did not know that about hummingbirds, and now I'm totally creeped out by the mantises...uhh...manti? Not sure of the plural, but if I see one, I'm running!

    1. Oh, but mantids are amazing! In the spring the babies are tiny perfect replicas of the parents, and by fall some are brown, some stay green, but none live more than a season here. A fleeting life, they eat many pests, and when I find the egg cases over winter I am happy for another spring.

  3. Ahahaha that last shot is hilarious. If only Major knew he'd have himself a little fit! Such incredible little creatures.