Sunday, July 15, 2012


Major watched me walk across the arena, then go to the barn. And he again stood and watched as I rode around, on another horse!

Ok, Major watches anything that goes on in the arena, but I still felt guilty!

My barn owner T has too many horses, knew Major was recuperating, and offered to let me ride. It was a very nice offer. It was a bit strange. I've never ridden with her, and she hasn't seen me ride much. But I took her up on it, but it has been three years since I'd ridden a different horse!

Strange to say the least. Chili looks full Arab but is half Paint (hidden, he's a bay like Major). He and Major have opposite nose blazes, and Chili is much smaller, I think 15 hands. I tacked up with her gear (strange too) and tried him in the arena. I could easily mount from the ground! (But used the mounting black anyway.) Slightly different cues, very light in a hackamore, not a lot of lateral control. And then I asked for a trot. Bounce, bounce, bounce around the arena, tons of movement, I'm sure it's very pretty, but hard to adjust my posting. Felt ok, and headed out on the trail.

Barn owner T was riding her very green paint, me on a new horse, ready for adventure. I was ready for anything, Chili is very high-spirited, always looking, moving, something. I contrast to Major who I now see as SO mellow. But it was good. Just a quiet trail ride, mostly walking, some trot. This is the longest these horses have been out, about 6 miles! But I can remember when that was a huge accomplishment with Major too.

It was different to be on a green horse, who didn't have the muscle memory for a trot up a steep hill, and pulled himself along, and tried to canter when it got hard. I think Chili could be nice, when he learns to channel some of his "up" movement into "out," he might get smoother, or that might just be him. He was willing and sweet, a little in your space. But that is a personal preference of mine, no horses in the bubble. Which Major of course is always invading too.

I'd like to try riding him again, though well see if my saddle fits. I'm not a fan of the little Stuebben jumping saddle, I want my deep seat, knee rolls, caged stirrups and other life saving devices!

Major was not completely ignored. He got taken to a green patch of grass and stood around eating with his ice-pack on. And many carrots from his guilty mom.

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