Tuesday, April 19, 2011

trail in pictures

starting out, nice and sunny, down to the lake

the lake slowly covering the trail

are you sure we have to go there, mom?

underwater trail, but more on the other side

a big log, or Major the unicorn?

too deep and muddy to cross, and the rain begins

pouring rain, heading home, let's take the shortcut!

Shortcut trail is very rocky, but the wildflowers are beautiful

view from above of the gray lake, and wet, crabby horse ears

blocked trail! Swamp to the right, poison oak to the left...through the poison oak...

raincloud passing, but not soon enough

the green trail to home

snacking, steaming horse in the sun

and being tortured after all that ride by the helium balloon! You never know how the day will end up!

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