Sunday, April 10, 2011


The new horse in the barn needed to be shown the trails by a good steady-eddy. Instead it was a steady-Major!

The barn manager has a new 8-year-old Anglo-Arab. He looks a lot like Major, but needs some groceries and some good consistency in his life. And one aspect of that was a good reintroduction to the trails. We don't know the last time he was out, so wanted to take it easy. It is a hard time of year to show a horse the trails (since they're covered in mud) but we headed out bravely. While the new guy lagged a bit, Major showed him the way through mud, puddles, up and down hills and home again without a hitch.

It was a tough workout for an out-of-shape horse, and after 2.5 miles he was sweating. Major was not sweaty at all, and maybe even a a little bored, but was a good role model.

Sometimes I can really see how far we've come. I'm glad we got to show someone else too.

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