Wednesday, April 27, 2011

flower adventure

I know I've been posting lots of photos lately, but it's so gorgeous! The last ride the flowers were magical. Major thought they were magically delicious. It was breezy and cloudy out, but I'd been gone for a week and wanted to ride my horse. He didn't especially like that idea, and grudgingly walked up the road. I also think he's a bit bored of the trails (me too): the same trails to escape the mud, over and over. I wandered out to the lake, found some gorgeous fields of flowers and the trail too underwater to attempt.
log from last ride now floating

So headed home, sometimes it is nice to have no plan or destination, so when the trail is underwater, or muddy, you just go another way. It was a slow ride as we backtracked and stepped though mud. Some mud is just too scary. I did come to the big hill at the bottom of Lookout rock, which is incredibly steep. In the winter it's too wet. In the summer too dusty and slippery. This time it was just right..well, maybe. Up we lurched over the first section, where you can't see what is ahead. Well, ahead is a big rock and gully, so you need to stay to the right. Crossed over, too steep of a gully, up onto the bank and through the branches (getting seriously stabbed in the process). Major is willing to go up anything I point him at...maybe he needs a smarter owner.

easier hill going home!
After that I needed to jump off and assess my scrapes. The horse was fine, me, almost-torn shirt and lovely bruises starting. I walked it off a bit, and then rode home, the hill going home seeming tame in comparison. Just another adventure.

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