Friday, February 25, 2011

rain is not great

I take it back. The last ride in the rain was nice. This storm is much colder. I managed to sneak a ride in before this current storm, because right now it is way too cold and wet to even think about the trails.

It is so nice to be able to fit in a ride after work. I would love them to be longer, but I only have about an hour of good light right now. It is also pretty cold and I don't want to get Major all sweaty, so an hour of casual trotting has been fun. It is enough for us both to feel good, and for him to get his kicks out.

I rode out about 5:00pm, the light was just gorgeous. The sun was setting, the lake was glowing, and all the trees were beginning to lose their definition and just be beautiful shapes. We took the most outer trail, which leads to a lookout with great views...and a dead car just a bit further down the trail. Major didn't blink at that or the multitudes of deer we saw. One deer stayed about 25 feet from us, in an open field, keeping a watchful eye but sensing we weren't a danger. I like being quiet and imaging we're part of nature, though I know we disturbed the deer's dinner.

There are lots of giant puddles on the trail, some clear, some really mucky. Major has been pretty interested in snorkeling/drinking from them. Mostly he is just playing, as his muddy face will attest, but sometimes he takes a little drink. This horse truly wants his own pond!

Unfortunately part of the trail has just been destroyed by the four-wheelers. At one point we were heading up a road which is bisected from erosion. I thought to take the right side, but after going up a few feet I could tell that a truck or motorbike had eaten away that side of the trail. I asked Major to back, with dropoffs on either side, and slippery trail, and he stayed in the middle, placing his feet pretty carefully. Taking the left side was much easier, and after that Major was convinced we were heading home, and needing some reminding not to rush.

We walked up the road back to the stable in the gathering dark, the only ones out, except for a few early bats zooming overhead. I even heard an was such a cliché, but a good ending to a short but sweet ride.

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