Friday, February 18, 2011

rain is great

It started raining again just as my trimmer showed up. The weather report said scattered showers, I was hoping to fit in a after making Major's feet pretty, I quickly saddled up. He was feeling good, after being cooped up yesterday in the pouring rain.

Heading out I had a great view through wet perky ears, and a brisk walk. We began by slogging through a giant, deep puddle, but Major was game. We trotted when we could, including a good trot up the wide road and up another hill as well. Major really wanted to move out, but listened quite well to my admonishments to keep is slow and safe. We were quite in sync today, and I was riding with a smile.

I was pretty wet, as my jacket was soaked through. But I wore my new Kerrits winter-weight breeches, which are rain resistant and fleece lined. My legs were a little damp but warm. I love the breeches, very comfortable, but they are really unflattering...oh well, Major doesn't care, and we didn't see another soul on the trail.

I did have one of my cheap caribiners break and I lost my folding hoof pick and pocketknife. I loved them, but the chances of retracing all the cross-cross tracks we did today are pretty small.

The rain has still not let up, but I love when Major so obviously wants to be out and we have a good adventure. A day to prove that the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man (thanks Winston Churchill for that).

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