Friday, February 4, 2011


Life has conspired in the last few weeks toward too much work and not enough horse time. That was semi-ok was Major was hurt, but now the sun has been shining gloriously, the trails are dry, Major is better, and I'm trapped in my office until late in the day.

I'd been planning to ride yesterday, To saddle up, slip on the bridle, and go. Then I got to the ranch and was just too tired. I know that if I did the work I'd feel better after (like exercise!) but with horses that negative feeling/tiredness always transmits. I haltered Major and took him down to the arena. I was just going to see if he wanted to run around, but off the lead he just stood with me. So I put on a helmet, attached some reins to the halter and climbed on none-too-gracefully (he's too tall to get on bareback even from the mounting block. I should just swallow my pride and mount from the coop jump).

I mostly let him just wander around, just using my legs and seat to make sure we didn't just stand by the outside gate or eat the grass along the edges. When I asked for a trot he was hesitant, but went into his lazy/slow jog. I'm certainly out of practice bareback riding, and when my balance would wobble Major would slow questioningly. I grabbed mane and told him it was ok, so we trotted some more, stepped over some tiny jumps, and just were. He is not the most comfy bareback horse, with tallish withers and not much padding, so next time I'll throw on the bareback pad. But this was a non-planned adventure. I am still amazed that this silly speedy trail machine will quietly walk after almost a week off (I know the trail would be a different story!).

I hopped off and we went outside the arena to eat some grass. I did make Major stand by the scary cow, and only got one jump back with a big snort when the cow ran over. It was a quiet night, beautiful sunset, the horses were fed and contently eating. A good lesson in reestablishing some balance.

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