Monday, November 15, 2010

two rides, very different

75 degrees in November, perfect weather. I had been gone for a few days and needed to get outside, though I did just hand-walk Major one day, I was too tired from traveling to do much else. Saturday I went to the stable, expecting to ride alone, but managed to bum a ride (I was invited of course) with some friends. It was a very quiet ride, all walk, tiny bits of trotting, and really good for Major. He hadn't been out in a group, even a mini-group (three of us) for awhile, and Major certainly didn't like it. He wanted to be in front, he wanted to of course he got to do none of those things. He thought everyone walked too slow, that the other way was home, and every other bratty thing. Eventually when he figured out that jigging behind the other very patient, good horse wasn't getting him anywhere he settled down, like a child sulking. We all eventually did lead and follow, trade places, etc. While it wasn't my typical ride, I actually know I need to do much more riding with others before I even think of an endurance ride with all those horses!

Yesterday I knew Major needed to get out and stretch his legs. I was actually more stiff from our walking ride than I am when we really move, so I thought he might be the same. We just did a quick ride, lots of hills and working on just trotting. Heading home I did see a bobcat bound across the trail, that was a treat. A large buck chased a small doe around, it certainly is the season. And I picked ticks off my horse, yuck!

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