Thursday, October 14, 2010

haf pad update

I have been liking the haf pad, with no complaints from Major. It is nice to not have a sopping wet wool blanket to deal with. The other day though I noticed a dry spot in the same location as before, on both sides. I think the foam isn’t distributing the weight enough. The saddle fitters had given me the idea, so I cut up a felt dressage pad I had (about 1/4 inch think) and inserted it in on top of the foam.

It felt a little weird at first. I felt a bit perched and without as much feel of Major’s back. But as the ride progressed I think the felt conformed and by the end of the ride it felt ok, still stiffer (of course) than the foam alone. Major’s back looked evenly sweaty, with no hair ripples, but I do wish he could let me know! I will say the pad never moves an inch, and stays really nicely in place up in the spine channel of the saddle. I don’t use a breastcollar or anything but saddle and girth, so the stability is a plus. I’ll see how this test works.

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