Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween tales

Some bloggers have written some fun (and scary) Halloween tales. Check out Living in a ZooEndurance Granny and Haiku Farm's great scary posts. I don't have a good haunting story, but has anyone else found a severed head?!

Ha! Yes, I found a severed head last week, right in the middle of the trail. A trail I often take, but it pretty far out in the forest, and I somehow looked down at the right time and saw this lovely head. I had to jump off and stuff him in my saddle bag. Did I bring the spirits upon me by doing so? I don't know, but he is currently installed on a post near our wash rack. My barn owner thinks I'm nuts.

She however proceeded to tell me something she once found in the same forest: a prosthetic leg! She wondered how someone with a prosthetic leg hiked out there in the first place...and how did he hike out? Maybe he is still there, searching the forest for his lost leg...or at least we can think that when our horse spooks at nothing!

Happy (almost) Halloween!

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