Monday, March 22, 2010

Our longest ride so far

Saturday was a perfect first day of Spring. Major seemed ready to go when I got him from the pasture. I saddled up, filled my water bottle, and got out on the trail about 11. Took the trotting trail, out to pioneer express, down to Granite Bay. Everything went really smoothly. Did meet an entire pack (group, troop!) of boy scouts, full packs and gear, eating lunch on the side of the trail. Major barely batted an eye, good boy! Couple times got an amazing extended trot, it was smooth and we were flying...nice to know what I can look forward to! At the staging area he a was a bit nervous from all the horse trailers, neighing, banging, etc. He settled down, we only stayed about 20 minutes, turned around and came back. No hassle coming home, amazing! Did meet the scout troop one more time, we just followed them to our cutoff. I think it is great training, really like the trail challenges and learning how he'll handle them. A very good day, a very good pony...

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