Thursday, May 13, 2021


insert first carrot here

Wow, Major is 18! And he got to celebrate his birthday earlier this week mostly how he wanted: carrots, alfalfa, grass, and no birthday hat (I didn't take the time to find it, he was relieved).
mmmm, alfalfa

mmmm, grazing

nope, not posing for your stupid photos…

How did this cute baby get so big, and still be so naughty? And wonderful too? Happy Birthday Major, I'm so glad we are partners and can't wait for many more miles…

baby Major, still the huge ears!
he grew into those ears!


  1. BABY MAJOR <3 <3 <3
    When I first scrolled down to that picture I though it was a Breyer Model. Looks like Major had a perfect birthday :D

    1. Thanks! I know, he was so stinking cute, I’m so glad his first owner gave me the photos.

  2. Happy Birthday Major! As handsome as ever!