Friday, April 30, 2021

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Have you heard about the new thrill ride in California? I rode it a couple days ago, and it’s not not for the faint of heart.  

It is called the Major Super Bloom Lupine Coaster. One passenger per vehicle. You must be this tall to reach the stirrups. Hold onto the reins, it’s a fast one! Please remain upright in your seat. Keep all hands near the vehicle, as there are many rocks along the trail. Views are beautiful when not blurred with motion. Ride lasts 1.5 hours and covers 10 miles. You’ll see ebikes, mountain bikes, hikers, dogs, loose children and horses along the coaster route. Coaster does not slow for many obstacles. Requires an e-ticket.

Major says "tastes like purple"
(We just flew. Major has been kept slower than his preference and behaving himself at Point Reyes, the dog trials and taking C out on her new horse. I knew Major, actually us both, needed a break. So we didn't take it slow, we took it fast, for 10 miles, and it was loads of fun, if a bit of a blur….most photos are from other slow rides to enjoy the super bloom of lupine at the lake.)
C on handsome new horse Shane on his first ride with Major

just amazing


  1. What, no blurry video? ;-)

  2. Oh my gosh! Just stunning! Like riding through heaven & you took it fast?! :-)