Sunday, December 20, 2020


Major was not so sure when he met his doppleganger earlier this year.

who is this guy?
I'd truly forgotten about this project until scrolling though my phone photos and I thought you might need a laugh on a dark winter day! This was a silly project I did while trapped inside during the smoky fall, following some different website instructions on making a stick horse.

mini major

why do you annoy me so?

finally, a cute pose
With a bit of trial and error I made a doppelganger Major, and Friday and then also a Gray with Rainbow, because, well, why not? I have gifted these to my nephew and a friend's granddaughter because while they were fun to make they were sadly a bit small for me to ride around the yard…though I did try.

three minis in the hay shed

Silkh is suspicious of Rainbow

no one trusts stick Major
The best part was the reaction at the stable: the horses in the front pasture wanted nothing to do with the stick horses! Major didn't care but was annoyed that, yet again, I was making him stand around and try to model. Mostly unsuccessfully.

it's not that bad, Friday.


one cute picture and we're done posing!
This was probably just as annoying as the holiday unicorn from lat year, but I do already have a scheme in mind for next winter…

 Major is thrilled, I'm sure…

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  1. LOL! Poor Major - I can imagine him trying to explain to his friends :-)