Saturday, May 23, 2020

rocks and water

fading flowers
Major and I are fortunate to have access to so many trails, right from the stable, but with two things similar to all: rocks and water. I can do a two-mile easy forest loop, or ride all the way to Auburn and beyond. I’m staying off the really technical section (where I could be stranded, etc!), so my farthest ride has been 14 miles round-trip to Belize.

ears are annoyed that I am taking a photo and not letting him charge into the water
wind, sun, waves, water, sand, rocks. Oh, and horse.

Only 14 miles to get to Belize? Well, that is what we call this almost white sand beach at Folsom Lake. The water is so blue-green, the sand so clean (I've never been to Belize, it is just what I imagine it to be!), and the perfect place for Major to play. I had to drag him out of the water after 15 minutes, we had to get home! We share these trails with lots of, shall I say, enthusiastic cyclists, who are not as keen with sharing the road. Good thing Major is bike proof! I was happy to get back on the non-bike single track!

vetch trail

good place to play!

twilight time, looking at our absent trail

Our other trails are changing: The lake trail is going underwater, but that makes it even more fun. We’ve been splashing through until the water gets too deep: Major says chest deep is far enough thank you! Then I can cut up to the upper Pioneer trail, where Major has to think about his feet a bit more, but the monkey flower (native honeysuckle) has been amazing this year, gold-yellow glowing meadows, photos don’t capture it.

rocks of bones

meadows of monkey flower

love this tough rock section

The pond is as high as I’ve ever seen it, and the power station creek at Mormon Ravine was rushing, I only made Major cross it and then turned around, just a teaching moment! (Past this part there is no cell service and the single track becomes very narrow and steep. A rider in this area recently had a harrowing experience after a rattlesnake bit her horse, hiking her horse out, who fortunately survived! I’ll stay off this section for now, though it can happen anywhere!).

Avery Pond, full of water and lots of algae!

playing in the water at Rattlesnake Bar

looking down and ears wanting to go home!

Major has been happy to be out and exploring, and we've been working on his, um, enthusiasm while heading home. He has worked off a bit off that winter/rest weight, but is still disappointed that the bucket is empty (there was a tiny bit of outlast before the ride!).

fill up the bucket and no one gets hurt…
I am grateful for where I live, that horse riding and horse care was always considered essential, and that I've been able to access Major safely. Our adventures are small right now, but still satisfying, and there are always more to come…

Canal wall, aka "Hadrian's wall"

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