Sunday, May 10, 2020

17th birthday!

not 17 carrots, only 2.5


oh boy, carrots on grass, pretty great!

Happy 17th birthday to Major! Still going strong, and being mightily annoyed by his hat.

the carrots almost make the hat worth it

are there any more down here?

This year his present is carrots.  He didn't need anything else, and they're his favorites anyway (or apples, or treats, he really can't decide!). He thought there should be 17 of them, sorry to disappoint you buddy.

what's that? oh, just a bike.

can you pose and not have a weird angle and giant head?

no, i'm done with posing, nap time now.

Every year I keep thinking he will "grow up" and behave um, more adult, slower maybe? But then he doesn't, and I think I'm glad, it is just his nature, not his age.

Justice: you look dumb in that hat. Major: Well, you look dumb in your fly mask!

Here is to another year of silliness, exploring and adventures!

as long as there is grass too…


  1. 17 is the new 5 1/2 lol. Many happy returns handsome Major!!

  2. Aaack! You didn't even say anything. Geldings and husbands, apparently, never grow up!

  3. Happy Birthday Major! I agree with you-2.5 carrots sounds kinda stingy to me!!!