Thursday, October 31, 2019


Who says unicorns are all cute and rainbows?

My favorite holiday (and not just because of orange!) has been a bit of a downer this year, between having no power since last Saturday and my hometown of Healdsburg burning in the Kincaid fire. Halloween seemed a bit (gasp) silly with friends evacuating and social media updates of thousands of acres burnt overnight.

So I did not get to finish Major's costume, though I did find a terrifying unicorn when in Tahoe last weekend (in-town decorations are made by local grade-school classes). I love that the class wanted to make a unicorn eating a skeleton? And that the skeleton is like "oh no, not again."

The scariest thing Major has seen recently was the stupid wrong-place bench on the trail. It gets a serious side-eye every time, but maybe he sees a ghost sitting on it?

Hopefully soon friends can go home to their homes, I'll have power and water again, and crazy life in California will go on. Until then, I think I need some more of that Halloween chocolate…

the last thing you see…

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  1. I've been worrying about all my California blog friends - to the point of map stalking. Glad to hear you and Major are okay - at least not burning up even if you are plagued with bench ghosts and mad unicorns. Take care!