Friday, October 18, 2019

conversations with major: ping pong

thwarted by driftwood
Nope, can't go that way.
I can!
No, there is too much debris, we'll find another spot.
It looks more fun down there!
I know, wait, here, we can leave the upper trail… 
do we have to go that way?

Grass! Geese! Waves! Go fast! Sand! More grass! Wheee! Ack rocks! Egret!
Ok, dude, you must chill.
But it’s so fun, and exciting, and oh, look!!
It’s a tiny motorboat.
I hear people!
They’re on the other side of the lake.
Why are we stopped?! Let’s go!
boats, things, exciting!

Look, more geese, chasing geese!
Just let them fly off into the lake.
Eek, waves!
Dude, the geese made those waves when they landed in the water.
Water splashed around, it was scary.
No it wasn’t, you’re just being silly.

Major the giraffe (and "my" rock)
Slow down, I want to take a picture of “my” rock.
There could be things over there! I should keep a lookout!
There ARE things over there.
Wait, what?!!!
Trees, sand, rocks.
Just walk ping pong silly boy.

We can’t go that way. It’s still a scary swamp. Think we can carefully work our way through the driftwood debris to the upper trail.
Home! Dinner!
Careful, go here.
Crash, big step, sideways turn, more crashing. Sure, here we are! I made it!
Umm, maybe slower next time. That word was “careful.”
I’m fine, so I did it right!
You’re technically kind-of right, but no, next time slower. 
sunset grassy knoll

Run away!
Excuse me, no, there are not monsters chasing us from the lake.
Could be.
Is that an excuse for trying to bolt up the hill?
You are full. Of. It.
What am I full of? I haven’t had dinner yet?
It. You’re full of it. Ridiculousness.
Hmm, no. Disagree.
Well, that’s nice, but you still have to walk. 
upper trail to go around the swamp section

Woah, tree!
Tree you've seen a 1000 times is scary?
Different today, gotta keep an eye on it.
No, it’s not, guess you're still full of silly. Let's head home.

golden trail home
You must be pretty happy Major.
You’re just walking home on a loose rein, enjoying the golden sun with me.
I guess it’s just nice to be out.
Agreed Major, agreed.

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  1. 😄 I love listening in on your conversations with Major! What beautiful trails you have for your rides.